Millennial Wings

Board of Directors


Timothy Fonseca

Tim is a 22-year-old commercial multi-engine rated pilot and Florida Atlantic University student that sees the harsh reality that the “pilot scene” is declining.  Tim’s fascination of flight began at a very young age, flying RC airplanes and always getting excited around airports. He aspires to fly commercial with the majors and become a well-known aerobatic pilot.

“Our goal is to provide opportunities and venues for young pilots to engage with other aviation enthusiast of similar ages”.    -Tim.


Connor Walsh

Connor Walsh, a 19 year old pilot started flying when he was in high school, after earning his ratings while attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University he dropped out to become a corporate pilot. He flew for a part 91 company flying a Citation 650 and a Challenger 601. He has recently shifted from the aviation field to pursue interest in the technology industry while still flying on the side. As a young entrepreneur he hopes to bring great change in the Millennial Wings in order to take it from a small group into a nationwide organization.


Chad Barber, Treasurer

 Chad is a first generation aviation entrepreneur and commercial pilot out of Palm Beach, FL. From starting to fly in his grandfather’s Cherokee at age 19 in Wisconsin, to earning his wings out of Tallahassee, FL while attending Florida State University, he has seen all aspects of the industry. He currently owns a Piper Cherokee, Pitts Special, and actively rents from various flight schools in South Florida. He prefers flying conventional aircraft, but understands that piloting modern aircraft is an essential skill with emerging technology. Chad uses aircraft for many purposes including aerial production, aerosports, aerial application, touring, advertising, and transportation. In March of 2015, during the time Millennial Wings emerged, Chad created his own company, Barber Aviation.
     Through training, aerobatics, and his business, he is expanding his flight skills and industry knowledge. He has a desire to contract privately and perform worldwide through sponsorship opportunities. He is always looking for ways to reinvent the aviation industry while helping Millennial Wings lead a new generation of pilots.


Tucker Rice

Tucker is a 19-year-old instrument rated pilot and a student at Florida Atlantic University. A commercial rating is next on the list for him as he continues his training. Tucker was raised around aircraft and his grandfather's love for aviation has clearly been passed down to him. He is currently focusing on his education and pursuing a career in naval aviation.


Patty Fritz

Patty has been exposed to aviation since she was a little girl, going to Oshkosh yearly and then taking part in B2Osh. It is no surprise she’s tearing up the skies in her beloved S35 Bonanza, Vita the V-tail. A 22 year old Pennsylvania girl in the south, she enjoys almost anything outdoors and takes pride in riding her motorcycle to campus everyday. Patty currently studies at the University of South Florida where she works as a teaching assistant and graduates in the spring with a B.S. in Accounting. She plans to stick around a while longer (since she met some pretty cool pilots in Florida), and complete her MBA as well.-- 


Chris "Tex" Simescu