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     Perhaps a little late in the snowbird season, a new flock of travelers made their mark at 2RR, an uninteresting single runway airport adjacent to perhaps one of the most interesting attractions central Florida has to offer (sorry Orlando). River Ranch is what some might call a "dude ranch," a place where one might go to experience a little of old Florida. A shooting range, swamp buggy rides, and even a full blown country rodeo. And perhaps this most recent weekend, there was also a seemingly endless stream of airplanes flying low overhead the campground located just beneath the approach end of 34.


Hosting Events For You!

Video filmed on Garmin Virb provided by the Banyan Pilot Shop

​Arcadia (X06) 

Feb. 17th-19th

River Ranch (2RR)

Dec. 10th-12th

State Meeting, (KFXE) Banyan

Nov. 5th, 10am-12pm

Thomasville Ga. (KTIV)


Williston (X60) Weekend Fly-in

Sept. 9th-11th


July 25th-31st

Huge thanks to the Banyan Pilot Shop for hooking us up with some awesome prizes.

River Ranch Fly-in Recap
By: Chris Simescu​

Fly in dates

     For the kids, and that's all we are, of the Millennial Wings, River Ranch is also proof to even the most pessimistic pilot that perhaps there is life in General Aviation beyond the baby-boomer pilots we're all children of in the first place. We are proof that flying will live on, and it is up to us to maintain a legacy that has kept young boys and girls looking up everywhere since 1903.

Be sure to make it to our evening party on Wednesday the 27th. We will be teaming up with Spencer Aircraft to provide FREE food and drinks for anyone 18-29 and better drinks for those over 21!  Come watch the night show and fireworks from a great location.

Where: > Spencer Aircraft trailer <

Let's have some fun! 

While we all spend lots of time working and training, it's always nice to get away with some good friends.  That is just what you will get to do!


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  • Guest Speakers
  • Job Connections
  • Spot Landing contests 
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Oshkosh 2016 Info!

Photo of Patty Fritz after winning the Millennial Wings first spot landing contest.  Patty took home a new GoPro Hero Plus Provided by the Banyan Pilot Shop!